Tantric Massage


Tips on How to Prepare for Tantric Massage

A tantric touch massage is an exceptional means of arousing one’s sexual energy to create a more balanced life. This unique massage allows you and your partner to explore your sexual energies and create a unique connection. Every touch of this massage is expected to create a special sensual feeling that relaxes the body while still building some sort of sexual urges for the receiver.

It is noteworthy that the benefits of tantric touch massage go beyond sex. It also aids blood circulation, improves the immune system, and reduces the risk of some heart diseases.

Whether you want to give or receive a tantric massage, there are certain things you need to do to prepare for it. The preparation helps to set the right mood that will ensure that both the giver and receiver enjoy every moment of the massage.

Here are some important tips on how to prepare for a tantric massage:

  • Learn more about tantric massage

As you start preparing for a tantric massage, take the time to learn about it. Your research should be focused on learning about what a tantric massage means, how it feels, its benefits, and the best tantric massage practices. By learning about the massage, you will know what to expect after a massage session.

  • Get the timing right

You should never rush a tantric touch massage session. Rushing does not only distract you, but it can also kill your vibe and prevent you from enjoying the benefits of the activity. So, to prepare for the massage, you must create lots of time for it. You should dedicate a few hours to preparing and getting the massage.

You want to turn off your devices throughout the period. Additionally, the massage should be done with your neighbours or housemates will not disturb you.

  • Create the right atmosphere

Tantric massage is not something to be done anywhere. The giver and receiver need a good environment that can help them to relax and stay focused as the massage goes on. Therefore, tantric massage must only be carried out in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

It is suggested that you have a tantric touch massage in a bedroom with only the receiver and giver. Also, ensure that all distractions are eliminated before starting the massage. However, soft and soothing music can be played in the background.

You may also want to warm up the room before starting the massage. Furthermore, you need to dim the light as this can make the receiver more relaxed and ready to get the massage.

  • Get the right tools

Although the giver only has to use hands to massage different parts of the body, some tools can aid the process. The first tool you should consider is oil. Basically, oil ensures that the hand of the giver moves around the body of the receiver smoothly without any distracting frictions.

When choosing oil for tantric massage, you should consider going for 100% natural oil. Some of the best options include olive oil and coconut oil.

In addition to oil, you can also get a few massage candles. The candles will provide scents that can make the atmosphere more comforting and relaxing for both the giver and receiver. Nonetheless, don’t use too many candles as they can be counterproductive.

  • Prepare your mind

Preparation for a tantric massage session is not just physical. There is also a need to prepare your mind. You must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready for the massage.

To prepare your mind, you may want to spend around 15 to 30 minutes to breathe gently. This process allows you to prepare mentally and get rid of mental struggles that may be affecting your mind. Besides, stretch your limbs for some minutes to get rid of negative thoughts that may prevent you from enjoying the benefits of the massage.

  • Connect with your partner

Whether you are getting a massage from your partner or a professional massage therapist, it is crucial to connect with them. So, how do you connect with your partner? You need to sit comfortably with your partner, hold their hands, and look into their eyes. While doing this, you should look beyond any preconceived judgements about the giver. This activity can play an essential role in making sure that the souls of the giver and receiver connect.

  • Freshen up

Although this is not necessary, it can aid the overall results of the massage. Therefore, you should consider showering before having a massage. This relaxes your body and gets rid of any dirt that may hinder the giver from touching your body freely. Similarly, when you are done with the massage, you should also consider freshening up.

  • Get comfortable

Are there clutters in your space? Then, you shouldn’t hesitate to get rid of them as you start preparing for the massage. It is suggested that you get a comfortable mattress that can support the body of the receiver. The mattress should also be large enough for the giver to move around freely without any issue.

The bedding and pillows should be clean. Some fluffy towels should also be within your reach as the massage starts.

  • Begin tantric rituals

Once you have done everything above, it is time to start the tantric rituals. Both the receiver and giver should relax and breathe freely. There should be some sort of synchronisation in the breathing patterns of the two parties. Let the receiver lie down on their back as the giver start preparing to start the process.

By using the tantric rituals, the energy of the partners will flow and connect naturally. Now, the giver can start using their hands to walk their way up from the lower parts of the body.

As shown above, you can see that the preparation for a tantric massage session requires full mindfulness from both parties. Everyone needs to be ready for the enjoyable pleasure that the massage will provide. Therefore, preparation should be targeted at getting set mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Once you have done all the above, you can start a tantric touch massage session.