Sensual Massage

How to Turn Her On With Sensual Massage

How to Turn Her On with Sensual Massage

A body to body massage London is a great way to get her excited. Massage her from her belly to her breasts. A good massage lowers her stress hormones, like cortisol. Massage should be light and smooth. And don't forget to communicate!

Set the scene

You need to set the scene when you give your partner a sensual massage. You need to pay attention to her body and listen to what she has to say. She might be tense or take a sharp breath if you are too rough, or she might simply be quiet. She may also be grunting or moaning. If you're unsure of her response, try using one of these tips to help you succeed in turning her on:

First, make sure the room is warm and comfortable. For erotic massages, a room with a warm and cozy atmosphere is ideal. You can also use candles and scented oils to set the mood. You should choose music that sets the mood.

After setting the mood, the next step is to massage her. It should be a slow process. Gentler movements are more stimulating. Start by stroking her back and arms with long smooth strokes. Next, work your way to her abdomen, inner thighs, and genitals.

After giving your partner a sensual massage, make sure to give her time to rest. She will feel relaxed and ready to relax after the massage. If she feels uncomfortable or sleepy, interrupt the massage. Give her time to get up after your massage.

Preparing a welcoming, warm and comfortable atmosphere will set the stage for a sensual massage. You can use aromatherapy, massage oils, and even ambient music to make the massage more sensual and romantic. Avoid using strong fragrances or fluorescent lighting.

Sensual massage should be fun and relaxing, and also a way to increase your sexual communication and entice your spouse. It will help you learn about her body, and open up new aspects of pleasure. You can make her feel relaxed while giving her a sensual massage.

Prepare some oil

Before you begin to give your lover a sensual massage, it's important to relax her body. Stress is often carried in the neck, shoulders, and back. Make sure to warm the oil first by using your hands. Then, work your way up to more sexual parts of her body. Once you've finished, be sure to clean up any oil you used by taking a shower or a warm bath.

First, choose an oil that will allow you to smoothly glide over her body. Almond oil is a great choice because it will not absorb too quickly and won't interfere with the massage. It's also light enough to use so that you have less to clean up. Apricot oil is another option. It won't irritate your partner and won't stain clothes, sheets, or towels.

Finally, consider using sensual oils to increase the sensual energy of your partner. These aromas are heavenly on the body and can be very enticing. Just remember that when using any oil, check for allergies or sensitive skin first. It's not good to try a new scent only to find it too strong.

After you have gotten to know your partner, it's time for you to give your partner a sensual massage. This massage can be a great way to get her excited about anything, including a date, anniversary or Tuesday night. Make the session enjoyable. And don't forget to have fun!

You can also use essential oils to make your own sensual massage oil. You will need a carrier oil, and several drops of essential oil. The basic recipe calls for 15 drops of essential oil per 30 ounces of carrier oil, but the exact ratio will depend on the oil you choose. If your lover has sensitive skin, use a low concentration at first, and then increase it as necessary.

Choosing the right oil for your sensual massage is an important step to making your lover feel more sexy. A massage oil should be nourishing and lubricating, while also reducing friction. Baby oil is a good option, but it is highly scented. If you want to relax, then lavender oil is a great option.

Use a light, smooth touch

A sensual massage is a great way to get a woman to love you. This type of massage works better with light, drawn-out movements, rather than fast and vigorous movements. You can also pretend to give her a slow-motion massage while she is asleep. Do not worry if she falls asleep during the massage. This is a sign that she's relaxed.

You need to create a relaxing environment if you plan to give a massage to your partner. Make sure the room is comfortable and has soft lighting. Aromatherapy can also be provided by essential oils and incense. If you haven't already purchased essential oils, invest in some organic oils and store them in a cool place. You can also offer her a snack while she is having the massage.

Massaging her shoulders is the first step. After you've done this, move to her base of the neck. Then, work your way up to her buttocks. Use circular motions to gently squeeze and press her skin.

You should always gauge your partner's breathing and feel where she wants to touch. If she isn't open to it yet, you can ask her for the rest of her body to be massaged. You can make a difference with the right touch.

Sensual massage should be gentle and light. A woman's erogenous zone is one of the most sensitive parts of her body, so she will respond to light touch. It should be stimulating and soothing for her senses.

Sensual massage can also rejuvenate the passion in a relationship. As the daily grind of work and money concerns the relationship, intimacy and passion can dwindle. But a gentle touch can bring back the intensity and desire of early lovemaking.

A sensual massage can be enhanced by the use of music. Using scented candles can create a sensual ambiance.


There are many different ways to communicate with a partner during sex, and sensual massage is no exception. To get her to open up, you must communicate with her body. You should pay attention to your body's cues like tight muscles and a sharp inhale. If she doesn't seem interested in the massage, you may want to take it easy and give her a soft, nurturing touch. Happy sighs and a soft moan are other cues that can let you know she is enjoying your touch.

Before you begin the massage, ensure you are in a quiet area where you won't get interrupted. You may want to use music or switch off your mobile devices to set the mood. The music should be soft, relaxing, and immersive. As with any sensual massage, full consent is a crucial part of the experience. Be sure to discuss boundaries beforehand and make sure you're both on the same page.

This simple technique will help you turn on a woman if you have been struggling to find the right way to do it. Try to focus on your partner's breathing, then use your fingertips to massage the rest of her body. You can also use scented candles to set the mood and warm up your lotion.

You should avoid touching sensitive areas of the woman's body when you give sensual massages. Some partners don’t like having their feet touched. Instead, you should pay attention to other sensitive areas such as her inner thighs or the back of her knees. A sexy massage can help you bond with your partner physically and emotionally. After the massage, you can take advantage of the time to relax together and enjoy a moment of bliss together.

Sensual massages can spice up your sex life. Tantric massage techniques can enhance your experience and your relationship. A sensual massage should be about relaxation and connection, not orgasms.