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how to apply for a patent with InventHelp

How to Apply For a Patent With InventHelp

InventHelp is a service that promotes inventions. The process of applying for a patent is quite simple. The first step is contacting a qualified 'patent attorney' or company. The idea is submitted and the process begins. The next step is to choose a patent attorney and pay the application fee. Once the filing fee is paid, the 'patent examiner' will issue a letter granting you a patent.

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You might not know where you should start if you have never applied for a patent. Depending on your knowledge, you might have to hire a patent attorney or hire a freelancer to do the work for you. If you don't have much experience, or don't want to spend money on a patent attorney, InventHelp can refer you to a licensed patent attorney with experience and expertise.

After you've found an attorney, you'll need to pay fees. After choosing the patent attorney, you'll need to prepare and submit an initial application. The patent examiner will issue a notice of allowance, allowing you to start marketing your product. Once your patent is granted, you'll have to keep it and protect it. InventHelp can help you find a licensed independent patent attorney.

InventHelp can also distribute publicity releases to media outlets. This is a great way for your idea to be heard. A press release will allow people to read about your invention and gain awareness of it. Once you've created a press release, you can submit it to the Patent and Trademark Office. A notice of allowance is an indication that your product is patentable. To protect the patent, you must keep it active once it has been granted.

After you've determined that your product is unique and has a high potential for commercial success, you'll need to apply for a patent. An IP attorney can conduct a patent search for you and refer you to an independent patent attorney. The IP attorney will be able to determine whether your idea is new enough to receive a patent. If your invention is already available on the market, contact a licensed patent attorney.

You will need to pay the necessary fees to file a patent. You'll need to decide whether to file a provisional or a nonprovisional patent. If you are applying for a provisional patent, you will need to file the application with a nonprovisional license. A patent is a very powerful tool that can protect your idea for decades.