Patent a Product With InventHelp

How to Patent a Product With InventHelp

how to patent a product with InventHelp

You might wonder how to patent a product with Inventhelp. InventHelp is a company whose mission is to help inventors bring their inventions to life. Their services range from developing a prototype to preparing a computer-aided drawing (CAD) of your invention. This article will provide more information about these services. In addition to helping you with the patenting process, InventHelp can also refer you to a patent attorney and produce a computer-aided design (CAD) of your invention.

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InventHelp is a company that helps inventors bring their ideas to reality.

When it comes to bringing an invention to market, there are several steps an inventor needs to take to make it successful. Inventions must be inventor driven, so the services of InventHelp can help a newbie inventor get their ideas to the next step. InventHelp provides the tools needed for inventions to become successful products. They also offer the expertise necessary to ensure that inventors are properly marketed.

InventHelp can help you find a patent attorney

InventHelp can help your invention get noticed. One way is to write a press release about the invention. The press release will highlight the advantages of your invention, without divulging its inner workings. InventHelp will send the press release through their PR Newswire network, which reaches nearly three thousand newsrooms worldwide. This will allow you to get your idea in front a niche audience, and even connect with companies that offer similar products or services.

InventHelp can produce a prototype

Before you start the process of patenting your product, it is essential to create a working prototype. A successful prototype is crucial to the development of a successful business plan and will help you attract investors and businesses. InventHelp's prototyping services are a valuable resource that will help you with this step. InventHelp professionals will work closely with your every step to create the prototype that will eventually lead to a successful patent filing.

InventHelp can create a computer-aided drawing of your invention (CAD)

A CAD helps potential manufacturers visualize your invention. This program can be used for creating prototypes and designing a physical model of your product. InventHelp representatives can create a CAD of your invention and submit it for consideration to companies. Though the chances of your invention being accepted are slim, this service is valuable in demonstrating why your idea is useful and unique.

InventHelp can assist you in filing a patent application

If you have an idea for a product or service, you may want to know how to file a patent application. A patent attorney can help you understand the process and help you get the best results. InventHelp can also refer to independent patent attorneys who can help with your application. Patent attorneys can help you understand the various fees and processes involved in submitting a new application.