Compound Stei8ht

Compound Stei8ht New Cairo‎... Live in a Private Kingdom of Your Own

Many people want to live in their own kingdom, where they can do whatever they want to do whenever they want and wherever they want. Your dream can be a truth in one of Landmark Sabbour projects, which is Stei8ht New Cairo, the compound that is dedicated to providing villas for sale.

In this article, we’re going to tell you all the details you need to know about Compound Stei8ht New Cairo, and based on this information, you can decide whether you will buy a unit in one of the most high-potential compounds in Egypt or not.

The Location of Your Kingdom

Considering that New Cairo is one of the investment hotspots in Egypt, Landmark Sabbour Developments worked to provide a special compound there for those who look for more privacy and freedom, so it has chosen the Suez Road in front of El Rehab City to be the location of Stei8ht Compound New Cairo, and it’s a strategic location, many investors want to invest in, but why?

The location of Stei8ht Project New Cairo will allow its residents to be close to many landmarks in New Cairo to name a few, you will be close to Ring Rd, Al-Rehab City, Mohamed Naguib, and Youssef El Sebaei axes.

How Does It Look?

As a king in his kingdom, you will care about the design of your kingdom, and Landmark Sabbour Developments knows that well, so it has worked on making Stei8ht Compound New Cairo simulate the European neighborhoods, where most of the total area is allocated to green spaces, and what helped the executing company is the huge area of Compound Stei8ht New Cairo that extends over 550 acres.

In Stei8ht Compound New Cairo, you can find units for sale with various spaces to suit the taste of the king, so you can find that the space of townhouses starts from 220 m2, while the space of a standalone villa for sale starts from 280 m2. What a huge space for a special king! But the features of Stei8ht Project New Cairo didn’t stop here, continue reading, to know the other features of Compound Stei8ht New Cairo.

How to Get Your Private Kingdom?

According to the above-mentioned features, Compound Stei8ht prices are really reasonable thanks to the unbeatable price per meter. So, the prices of Stei8ht Project New Cairo units start from 9 MN and up to 15 MN EGP.

What if you can’t pay it in cash? Landmark Sabbour Developments has provided a convenient payment system, in which Compound Stei8ht New Cairo down payment starts from 5% and the rest is paid in installments over 8 years.

Enjoy Your Time in Your Kingdom

How to differentiate between the real kingdoms and the fake kingdoms? Good question and the answer is the facilities, services, and means of entertainment that are provided, and when we talk about the facilities of Compound Stei8ht New Cairo, we need to write more than one article, but let’s name some of them: clubhouses, greenspaces, artificial lakes, tracks for walking & cycling, a meditation park, garages, a social club, a kids’ area, a commercial complex, and swimming pools.

All in all, in this era, it’s hard to live the life of kings, but with Landmark Sabbour Developments, you can achieve that easily when you book your own kingdom in Compound Stei8ht New Cairo, which is one of the most attractive locations for investment in Egypt.