31 North Tower: Way Above Everything


The New Administrative Capital region of Egypt has a superb variety of structures. One of the first projects having the biggest festive tower in this area is 31 North Tower New Capital. This is constructed by the Nile, which is a leading Real Estate Development organization. You will find all kinds of commercial, administrative, medical, and residential units in this place. 


Apart from the contribution of the Nile organization, the largest engineering management, operation, and consultancy firms have participated in building this project.

We will talk more about the area, features, and packages provided by the company in 31 North New Capital.


The Area of 31 North Tower


The exact location of this tower is inside the Downtown area that is directly in front of the Green River in the Tourist Towers region. Furthermore, the entire structure is constructed on 3 main streets with the façade on the northern Bin Zayed axis. The main Downtown street where this project can be seen is 124 meters wide.


In addition to that, 31 North Tower is near the Al Massa Hotel and Mosque of Egypt. Also. It only takes 5 minutes to reach the shopping district and the Heritage and Arts District. The Government Quarter and the Ministries Quarter are easier to reach from this tower. All the famous Downtown buildings like Evado Tower and Sixty Iconic Tower are near this location.


How is the Layout 31 North New Capital?


The complete structure of 31 North tower was conceptualized by a specialized team of engineering consultants. This group wanted to create a similar structure like Burj Khalifa with a height of 131 meters and a colored glass front. 

There are several numbers of floors in this mall including an underground garage, ground floor, and thirty-one loft floors. You can choose a medical, commercial, hotel, and administrative unit on these floors.


Each unit in 31 North Tower New Capital provides a unique view to the viewers. You can take a look at all the famous infrastructures of the downtown area like the Al Masa Hotel, Diplomatic Quarter, cathedral, Green River, and Celia compound.


On top of all this, the name of this building is 31 North New Capital because, inside this place, every unit starts from 31 meters. Moreover, the entire tower is 131 meters high with a total of 31 floors.


Benefits of Purchasing in 31 North Towers


  • Amazing panoramic and infinity view of the area has a variety of green vegetation.
  • International restaurants and cafeterias can be found at different spots.
  • 24X7 advance security system with many patrolling guards.
  • Central air conditioning and firefighting systems are installed.
  • You can completely make use of the conference rooms and the main reception office for visitors.
  • Separate garage, parking, and children’s areas are also available. 


Is it Future Proof?


31 North Tower New Capital is the perfect choice for a long-term investment plan. The infrastructure is designed in such a way, that it combines technology, sophistication, and security to the highest of standards. With so many features and great pricing, no one should leave this golden opportunity.